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 Trucking of cargoes

     Trucking of сargoes  in international traffic is a predominantly popular type of cargo transportation, which is characterized by simplicity and speed of delivery and it is much more profitable unlike air transportation and incomparably easier than rail transportation.

      Passing trucking in one direction is possible only if the routes of transportation of the delivered goods are contiguous. In this case, it is necessary to take into account that the path is maximally aligned with the route of other customers, or did not have significant deviations and did not harm the other cargo.Delivery of prefabricated passing cargo is the process of transporting cargo with the least financial costs, but it will probably take considerably more time than transportation by a separate vehicle.

     The transportation of non-standard, oversized and heavy cargo is one of the most difficult types of road transport of goods, which presents special conditions and requirements for each work site.The reliability of the customer filling in an application for transportation of oversized or heavy cargo is as important as the carrier's experience, to which the customer is entrusted with a complex and valuable cargo. In fact, even an insignificant mistake in the indicated dimensions of the cargo can bring no less losses than the error of the carrier, who was unable to calculate the appropriate turning radius. It is due to the special complexity, the individual approach to each order, the high level of risk of oversized and heavy cargo is considered a special area in the road transport industry.
      Logistics which is calculated on the whole way of cargo movement includes the costs of its movement, the necessary documents when moving, both to the vehicle and to the driver.

      Strict implementation of the rules of international conventions governing international road transport and the perfect compliance with the technical conditions of road laws of other countries allow our employees to solve the most difficult tasks in the field of organizing international freight road transport.

Specialization of our company in the implementation of international trucking is based on:

- Associated road haulage of standard cargo (awning, refrigeration)
- Small-sized cargo transportation (preload)
- Transportation of goods by road tankers;
- Transportation of dangerous goods;
- Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo in Ukraine and abroad;



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