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Legal services, business registration.

        One of the reasons for the creation and implementation of entrepreneurial activities in Ukraine is its legality, that is, the state registration of the subject of entrepreneurial activity (SEA).

State registration of the subject of entrepreneurial activity is performed not only in the interests of the state, but also for the creation, implementation and development of economic ties, the conclusion of contracts, the conduct of commercial transactions, etc.

In particular, from the day of registration of the SEA, according to the legislation of Ukraine, it receives the status of a business entity.


Our company offers:

- State registration and re-registration of a legal entity ( LLC, PE, PJSC, etc.);

- Create and change the legal address;

- Substitution of founders;

- Creation and modification of the size of the statutory fund (capital);

- Change of manager / director;

- Classification of economic activities taking into account foreign trade activities;

- To make a seal.


  Required documents and information for registration:

- Originals and copies of passports, certificates of assignment of identification code (s) of the founder (s), manager, accountant (including non-resident founders (individuals);

- Legal address and documents confirming the location of the SEA (if any);

- When creating the authorized capital by property - a list of this property with an indication of its price and indicating which of them the founder which movable or immovable property contributes to the statutory fund;

- When creating the statutory fund in cash - the list of persons and the amount of money to contribute to the statutory fund.


      Entrust the state registration of the company, enterprise, entrepreneur professionals.




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