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Types of rolling stock and their varieties.

Freight rail transportation is carried out by various types of rolling stock. There is a very large number of series of wagons, depending on the nature of the cargo, the structure of the body, the possibilities of loading and unloading. This is related to the main sequence in that a separate type of rolling stock is equipped with additional and necessary, inherent to its sole purpose, such as: cooling or heating, additional necessary space and others. When transporting oversized loads, there are many degrees of oversizedness that cause a special focus on circuit design.

Railway transport catalog:

Covered wagon.
Designed for the transport of goods with a load capacity of up to 68 tons. Standard car sizes: 13.844m x 2.764m x 2.737m. Usable volume: 120-138m.cub. Loading method: side through the opening doors. Dimensions of the doorway: 3.794m x 2.343m. In general, this type of car is designed for packed types of cargo.



Gondola car
Specialized for the delivery of bulk goods with a load capacity of up to 69 tons. The usual overall dimensions of open-top wagons: 13.800m x 2.760m x 2737m. Also included in this position are wagon-hopers. Possibility of loading: from above. Typically, this type of car used to transport agro-industrial goods, as well as for mining products and many others.



Tank wagon
It is designed for the carriage of bulk cargo, with a load capacity of 60-120 tons. Useful volume: from 62-159 m3. Cargo tank-cars are: for food and non-food liquid goods. Also the tanks are heated or unheated. Usually this type of car is used to deliver products of processing of the agro-industrial complex, oil refining products and many others.



Specialized for the delivery of goods necessary to maintain the temperature regime, for example: as cooling. The tonality is up to 68 tons. The useful volume: up to 120 m3. The usual dimensions of the car: 13.844m x 2.764m x 2.737m. The size of the doorway: width 2700mm, height 2150mm. It is mainly used for transportation of food products and many other goods.



Railway platform
It is used for the transport of goods resistant to external influences, as well as for transportation of oversized trucks etc. Load capacity up to 70tn.Standart dimensions of the platform: 13.300m x 2.770m.Intended  for the delivery of containers, engineering, metal, large-tonnage equipment and many other goods.



Types of railway containers:

3 tons


Height - 2170 mm

Door width 990mm

Volume - 5,18 m3

The weight of the cargo is 2400 kg.

5 tons.



Height - 2110mm

The width of the door is 1300mm

Volume - 10.36 m3

The weight of the cargo is 3800 kg.

20 tons.



Height - 2110mm

Door width 2300mm

Volume - 28,40 m3

The weight of the cargo is 17800 kg.

24 tons.



Height - 2300mm

Door width 2300mm

Volume - 30.94 m3

The weight of the cargo is 17800 kg.

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